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Frequently Asked Questions

What Events do Served Sexy cater for?

- Birthday Parties

- Promotional Models

- Corporate Functions

- Brand Activation

- Bachelor Parties

- Bachelorette Parties

& any event requiring our Sexy Waiters!



What do the Waiters do at Events?

- Welcome and Mingle with Guests

- Serve Food & Beverages

- Carry Snacks Around

- Pour Shooters

- Hand out Gifts

- Pose for Photos

- Host & Play Party Games

- They will even help with Cleaning up!


*All our waiters are stictly chosen, not ownly by their stunning looks, but also by their charismatic personalities and will serve you and host your event in a professional, yet sexy way!



Can I take Pictures of the Waiters?

Yes! Our waiters are dedicated to make your event both exciting & memorable.



Do your Waiters Strip?

No. Served Sexy does not supply strippers or any other form of adult entertainment.

We pride ourselves as a  premium brand who work hard to maintain a level of sophisticated, yet sexy fun!



What do your Waiters Wear?

Male Waiters: Wear a Black Apron, Black Bow Tie, Cuffs and Polished Black Shoes.

If you would prefer a more “covered” approach for your event, they can wear black trousers.

Female Waiters: Wear Black French Maid outfits, but different outfits may be arranged upon request.


*Our waiters are always on time and immaculately presented!



Do you provide Food & Drinks?

No. We can however help you to prepare delicious meals, pour and mix drinks / cocktails etc.



Do you provide silver trays?

No. Please provide all trays & cutlery as per event.



Can waiters mix Drinks / Cocktails?

Yes. The waiters are not trained bar staff, but can pour basic drinks and cocktails.

Please supply us with a list of the drinks you would like our waiters to mix, prior to the event.



Are waiters allowed to drink on the job?

No. This is stricktly againts our code of conduct and it also jeapordises the safety of our staff.



Can we use Public Venues?

Yes. However please obtain permission from the owner of the property you wish to host your event at before hand -and inform them of the type of event you are looking to host.



What areas do you opperate in?

We currently only opperate within the Western Cape, South Africa.



Can I Choose my Waiters?

Unfortunately there is no way we can guarentee that we can assign specific waiters to your event.

We try and place our waiters to the nearest client to their immediate vicinity, both for financial and logistical reasons.


*You are welcome to mention your preferences in the comments section of our                          and we will see what we can do to accomodate you in terms of specific looks that you may prefer.


Can I see Images of the Waiters?

Yes. All of our waiters are strictly chosen from hundreds of candidates and only the best make it through!

If you would like to see photos of the waiters that we have working for us, you can visit our               or our

                           where we have a lot of up to date photos of our sexy staff!



How Many Waiters do I need to Book?

For both safety -and entertainment purposes, all our waiters work in pairs, thus we a have a minimum booking of 2 x waiters per event. The number of guests is completely up to you, but we strongly suggest that you maintain a ratio of 1 x waiter for every 5 guests (1:5).



What if we want the waiters to stay longer than the original booking time?

It is possible to extend the time the waiters stay at your function, provided that you contact us prior to the end of the shift -and the waiters agree to extend the shift as well. Waiters may not be bribed to stay longer for cash in hand and steps will be taken against both parties should the issue arise.



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